Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog Reflection..

Do you think the life of our human race will be prolonged or driven to extinction by computers?
Why do you think so?

-I think that the life of our human race will be prolonged because humans are the one who created computer.Also,humans are the ones who spread technologies throughout the world.Without humans,who is going to 'wake up' the computers?

Would the human race survive if all the computers in the world crashed?Who would be most badly hit?

-The human race will survive,but it would be a HUGE chaos because we are so attached to it.Is like "No Computers No Life".Yes,computers make a big impact in our life.The most badly hit would be the Goverment,Military,Big Companies and so on.Because computers are their main source and main equipment to do their work.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Web Critic Assignment

The Web Site that i'm going to critic is Wikipedia..

Wikipedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project based on an openly-editable model.

Affiliation: Wikipedia does affiliate with other websites because it represents as an encyclopedia.

Audience: The straightforward language of the Wikipedia is appropriate for most levels.Although entries are likely to contain terms that are unfamiliar to many users,most terms are hyperlinked so that users can easily access a quick definition and/or explanation.

Authority: Wikipedia provides almost no clues for the typical article by which reliability can be appraised.A list of edits provides only screen names or in the case of the anonymous editors,numerical Internet Protocol addresses. In fact, Wikipedia has had to back off on the idea of allowing anyone anywhere to edit. Anonymous users can no longer create new articles on Wikipedia. And some (especially controversial) articles are protected and only allowed to be edited by some in the community.

Content: The content of Wikipedia is sometimes from an original source and others are from people's opinion.Be careful not to over-rely on Wikipedia in research process.

Currency: Most of the articles in Wikipedia are up-to-date and current due to updated original source.

Design: The website is visually interesting,simple and not text-heavy.It is suitable for an encyclopedia.

Objectivity: The objectivity of Wikipedia is to use it as a research tool.But now,most of the articles in Wikipedia are based on the authors opinion,not the original facts.

Thank You..

Introductory Task...

Introduce yourself first by telling us your name…

-My name is Nur Suraya Binti Zahrim..

Tell us where you’re from…

-I'm from Ipoh,Perak..but moved to USJ9...

How have computers influenced your life?

-Computers influenced my life in a BIG way..for example,with my school project/folio,chat with my friends,helping my dad with the e-mail (he doesn't know how to use it..Poor him..)and many more.

What are your initial expectations for this course (CSCI 101)?

-My initial expectations is that i want to learn some basic computer skills and to upgrade my computers with some new applications...and i'm grateful for having Mr.Adrian as my lecturer...